Go to Cracow – Krakow accommodation

Krakow the old capital of Poland is one of all popular European destinations – at the least when it comes to city trips, long weekends and even hen parties. Yes, you will find fantastic entertainment options in the town, but what counts most is its historical value. Great monuments and artifacts of more than thousand years history, breathtaking Royal Castle and Old Town quarter are a number of the main assets of Krakow – or Cracow, which will be an English name for this place. While on your visit to Krakow you will dsicover an area full of historic monuments preserved close to their original state.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Krakow

It is huge benefit for the tourists coming to this magnificent place there are numerous options of accommodation in Krakow obtainable in some of historical buildings as well as in modern, recently built hotels. There’s huge choice of krakow accommodation within the Old Town borders, in addition to in Jewish District Kazimierz and in other areas of the town if you are looking for more quieter and mor affordable location.

We write on https://www.gotocracow.co.uk about a lot of those options discussing international or independent, traditional hotels as well as cheaper but nevertheless very comfortable places and even backpackers hostels you can book for your trip to Krakow.

We also cover other important topics like historical places, buildings, monuments – we can tell you about the real history and legends behind them. On “Go to Cracow” you may also discover about city’s hidden treasures, secrets of Krakow and obviously we will reveal where it is most beneficial to dine with style or have a good party time.